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Jessie Desrosiers
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Name: Jessie
Age: 13
Location: Philippines
Height: 5'2" (*sobs* I'm short!)
Crush at the moment: David Desrosiers (And Frank from MCR)
Hobbies: writing fanfiction, surfing the net, doing anything that has to do with eating, LoTr and GC and SP and other awesome bands, thinking of ways to pair David and Pierre up, or maybe imagining them together... (haha! BAD ME!)
Interests: Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Green Day, blink-182, Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, The Clash, The Used, Plain White T's, The All-American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, Nirvana, Rancid, No Doubt, Parokya Ni Edgar, Spongecola, Hale, etc. (I have a LOT!)
Current Obsession: David and Pierre SLASH!
message to the public: Hey! Wazzup! Welcome to my LJ! ^_^ Nothing much to say right now but just to let you all know, I love LoTr, I'm insane! That means I don't really have much sanity... I love LoTr, I love SP and GC, I love David because he is MINE! and Pierre's, LOL!, I'm considered weird and I have the talent of singing at the same time sounding like people I hate so I can kidnap them and impersonate them and make a fool out of themselves! (Like Hilary Duff! Yes... I'm as tall as her so I can impersonate her!), I can sing but I bet you wouldn't want to hear it... It's too perfect for your ears XD Anyway see you later! ^_^ Oh yeah if you all were wondering, almost all HTML you see in my LJ is created by your's truly! ^_^

Blah: David is the property of Simple Plan, me, all the other David obsessors and Pierre! But MOSTLY Pierre! XD

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~ I'm addicted to Simple Plan ~

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♥ David Desrosiers is black eyeliner sex ♥

If you are against labelling people based on how they are
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David Desrosiers is LURVE! (shiny_n_blue)

Yup! Jeff's shiny head rocks no matter what! XD

David's tight pants... I want em so badly! XD

david/pierre fcukpac

david's hair is love
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Myrene Academia (Imago) Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand)
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